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Sky View Filming is passionate about providing stunning aerial photography and videography with first-class professionalism and a consistently perfect safety record. We have the expertise to get that ideal shot every time and we are committed to quality, efficiency, teamwork and clear communication. We relish the energetic and positive reactions we consistently receive from our clients regarding the videos and photography we provide. Sky View Filming makes aerial videography and photography affordable and tangible. We are dedicated to taking every project to new heights.

Core Values

Our Los Angeles based company utilizes the most advanced and up to date equipment in the industry; the same equipment that National Geographic, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and others use to capture their breathtaking shots are now available for your productions. 

Sky View Filming pilots have extensive drone backgrounds in mechanical and operational procedures.  Each of our pilots are licensed by the FAA.  We are constantly learning new advances in this cutting edge industry so that we can provide our clients with only the best and latest. We have even adapted and invented in-house equipment to get the smoothest, crispest shot possible. We are very flexible and have the ability to work around certain restraints. (If a shot is unsafe, or unobtainable from one method or angle, we will come up with alternatives.)

Drone videography and photography can be described in one word: precision. It takes a lot of coordination between the pilot, the camera operator and the director to be harmoniously synchronized. The elevation, speed and pace of the drone has to be precise while simultaneously the camera tilt and pan movement has to be perfect.

Our inventive, passionate and dedicated team of professionals has over 30 years of combined experience, so you can be assured that Sky View Filming will get you the shots you need and that the precision and quality will be unmatched.

We thrive off taking our clients’ projects in the real estate, feature films, commercials, surveying, panoramic pictures and inspections industries to new heights. In today’s competitive world, every project needs that special something; that edge to get ahead and to stand out. Sky View Filming is dedicated to giving your project that edge!

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We also do event photography and videography
We at Sky View Filming know that your event should be captured and preserved.  We take great care and create memorable images and video for you.

  • Weddings
  • Partys
  • Receptions
  • Engagements
  • Corporate events

Product Photography
At Sky View Filming we provide  high resolution dramatic product photography to be used in commercials, websites and for product packaging.
Fantastic captured images and working with the Sky View team gave us great results for our business.
Beverly Realty
The team at Sky View Filming were top notch professionals who delivered..
Genesis Telcom
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